Thursday, October 14, 2010

Red Rose :D

This picture was taken on : 9th oct 2010
had our first kitty party season 2 :
while coming out of this friend's place,
she had this beautiful rose plant outside her house
surprisingly its fall season and all plants are getting dry
and this rose was just simply beautiful

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


this idea just came in my mind and i wanted to click it asap ... I wanted some one to be my hand model for this picture ... And i asked my brother in law ( my bhaiya ) to do this for me ... he was thinking i am really mad what the hell i am doing ... but they are use to this now :) as i keep asking them to pose for me in front of the camera most of the time :D thanks to them

Clicked on : 9th Oct 2010


This Picture was taken on 11th Oct 2010 -
Location : Mississauga, Toronto
This Building is the most awaited as .. Its going to come up in a shape of a lady

Enjoying my 10 years of career in Event Management ...In my life only priorities were work work and handle events ...
Handling each events was handling a baby for me that time and with success of each event and getting more and more business for the company use to really give me a kick ... i was so into my work that rest everything in my life use to come second ...
At times when i use to work i use to feel that my office has become my first home and actual the second ... Use to really like traveling during work and working on-site on productions with colleagues over nights use to be fun ...
And the hungry looking for restaurants of any roadside junk to eat ... ooohhh still thinking about those days and food gets water in my mouth ... vada pav and cuttings from outside the office ... dosa's and andra thali's in Bangalore office empire restaurant ... and never forgot the momo's in Delhi outside 3c's theater ... and yes as i travel shopping goes with me hand and hand ... lolzz a complete shopaholic ...
Out of that one of my favourite event was Kingfisher model hunt ... and then after that was Marathon ... Marathon event i can never forget throughout my life and nor people who know me will forget my life event with marathon ... haha

My life event yes -- my big day -- my marriage --- which got postponed 3 times at times cause of me and 1 time cause of my darling hubby .. the 4th date that we got was 26th October 2007 which was not going to change that was the final date ... And yes Delhi marathon had to happen in the same month and that too on 28th October 2007... i wanted to work on that event and be present in my event too ... nothing we decide to do a temple marriage ... so i flew to Delhi on 22nd oct work there do my shopping on 25th oct and catch a flight to Mumbai ... reach home get my mehendi done and get married on 26th ... i went on laughing through out my journey to temple just couldn't realize i was getting married the moment temple came i was laughing and i was crying i dont know wat were those tears for happiness or sadness hmmm but yes it happened i got married on 26th and next day morning flew back to Delhi to handle the event ... haha

Got married ... life started ... ranjan being in IT profession his company sent him onsite to new zealand ... for 6 months but i decided to stay back in india and stick to my job and shit happens ... staying away long distance and his time line still got extended i still decided to stick to my job ... but then the time came i had to prioritizes things in life and with a heavy heart i decided to quit my job and leave my career .. and move to new zeal and ... away from mom and dad and pooh ... i had never thought after marriage i really had to leave mom and dad and go away from everyone ... moving to new zealand was really a tough decisions in my life ....

Life was going good but at back of my mind and heart was missing home a lot ... just couldn't stay away from family....

Then miracle happened or biggest surprise happened in my life i got to know i am pregnant... which i could never .... then we then decided to move to Canada with my elder sister who was already here ... so that i dont feel lonely and we stay together ... things were good ... mom dad and pooh also visited us and as dreamed mom was with me during my delivery ... also i must say my secret power really worked ( touch wood) what ever i had wised for happened and Wat ever i had imagined happened ...

Had never imagined my life would have such drastic change ... from a working lady to a complete house wife and 24/7 mother ... but even this was good for a change ... being with my little princess around yes time just fly's ( sometimes with smile, irritation,sleepless night, love,kisses,hugs,blah-blah etc etc..)

but still this bug inside me of working didn't go and i really wanted to do something ... my hobby photography ... which i got inspired by clicking pictures of my little princess ... and then thought why not to turn this hobby into profession ... my hubby pushed me to take up a good course in photography ... and got me my first Canon SLR

And then onwards no body could stop me from Click Click ... :D